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Sometimes I only spend a single night in a city, and I don’t have time to get out and see everything. I want a hotel that really captures the food, drinks, people, and vibe of the city I’m in.
– J.G., Author
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Hotel Figueroa has been at the heart of the thriving downtown Los Angeles community since 1926. This year may be one of our most exciting as the original vision of the downtown LA hotel is being reborn for the modern day, a Spanish Colonial design with an overwhelming sense of comfort and home. The inspiration we followed began with hearing travel stories from frequent DTLA visitors, tales of food, wine and discovery from locals, and passionate thoughts on what would constitute the perfect downtown LA hotel with some of today’s most prominent touring artisans. Over the coming months, we invite you to visit us online as we share the journey of the Hotel Figueroa’s rebirth and welcome you to visit our property as the story unfolds. We are the humble caretakers of a bold history and the dreams of many, a journey we gladly share with those seeking an authentic and memorable downtown Los Angeles experience.

We begin our story with some of the traveler and artisan quotes that inspired us.

A pool, a real pool, with room to swim, cocktails, food service, maybe even some cabanas.
– J.M., VP Marketing
I love comfortable spaces, but I NEED my technology, my favorite hotels are warm comfortable places where all my devices work.
– R.D., Touring Musician
Amazing Beds!! All my favorite hotels have amazing beds that I never want to leave.
– A.B., Actor

Hotel Figueroa in Downtown LA

To Our Downtown LA Hotel Guests,

Welcome. It’s not just a word. It’s our entire philosophy.
At Hotel Figueroa we believe in hospitality as an art form to be practiced and performed at every opportunity.

Our downtown LA hotel has long been a haven for creative people and a canvas for art of all kinds. And we think there’s a real art to making people feel welcome. It’s not just about a warm greeting when you arrive or a friendly goodbye when you go, although those things are definitely important. It’s what happens in between that matters most.

The way we look at it, if you’re staying with us, then you’re one of us. You’re part of our community, and we always take care of our own. Think of us as your creative partner, a place to get inspired and stay inspired. Whether that’s taking in a live painting performance in the lobby or trading stories with a fellow creator at the mezzanine bar, we strive to build inspiration into your experience.

Our love affair with downtown Los Angeles spans more than 90 years, each year crackling with energy and possibility. While Hotel Figueroa has been a constant through the years, we feel that energy now like never before. We invite you to be inspired by the amazing community, people, and art that are downtown Los Angeles.

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